Thursday, June 9, 2011

Calm Day Mood Room

If we had the money to switch decorations in our house...I would love this :) I love how our house is right now but this is a fun, different look. Maybe for another room someday? But honestly, if we had that kind of money I'd rather go travel! Or buy the house we live in right now and fix it up. Here's a list of the prices so y'all can see how ridiculous this would be.

Pompeiana Dresser: $40,920 by Fornasetti
Antler Pendant: $5,900 by 12x
360 Lounger: $700 by
Winslow Computer Desk: $450 by Home Decorators Collection
Dhurrie Rug: $200 by Velocity
Panier Table: $130 by Y Lighting
Lipali Olive Oil Bottle: $80 by The Conran Shop
Elephant Watering Can: $8 from Amazon
Fur Cushion: $430 by Nendo for Capellini
Voileiri Tambour Drum: $600 by The Conran Shop