Monday, September 17, 2012

I am, I will be

Today is a great day to proclaim truths. Mhmm!! So here it is.

Sometimes I can be a force to be reckoned with. I am mostly happy and confident and if I give you a snap of my fingers or a touch of attitude- you know you’re in.

I love to love. I'm the kind of woman that you just WANT to have on your side, because once I am, I’ll love you forever. I have a bit too much attitude sometimes, and sometimes my emotions can be frustrating for those around me, but I am loyal to the bone.

I love to make friends with everyone I meet, and love to have lots of different kinds of friends. I get my energy from other people and only need like...ehh 5% alone time a day... so I love to have lots of friends & family to call to hang out with or just chat.

I'm honest, faithful, loyal and I love with absolutely everything in me. But since we're declaring truths today, here's one of my best and worst flaws. I'm a fighter.

I'm a woman who hates injustice. I'm a woman that is not afraid of any type of confrontation if I think someone has been wronged or hurt. I'm a woman whose heart literally breaks for the people hurting around me, and I'm a woman that will get up and fix whatever wrong has been done without thinking twice. (Ask any of my friends or family...they will tell you that I will be glad to fight for them.)

This has also become one of my faults. I have had a few girls in my life that I have been WAY too aggressive towards because I thought that they were attacking the people I love. Unfortunately, I didn't feel bad about it either. (My mom used to call it the Kara bomb). Sadly, sometimes the people that are on the bad side of my attention have not really done anything wrong. Emotions have slightly thwarted the situation. OR, they did do something mean, and instead of lovingly trying to communicate, I decide I want to win for the sake of my loved ones. This normally means hurt feelings.

I am working on this, along with many other things. But today, I felt God telling me that I am loved, and I need to embrace the person he made me. Even though I'm not a laid-back, calm person...I am awesome. Mhmm thanks God!

I'm a daughter of the King and he has made me a passionate, loving, excitable, not laid-back, joyful person. I LOVE life, and I love getting excited over the little things in my life and other's lives. I don't mind having calm time every now and then, but I definitely love having a loud, good time with my friends. God has given me an AMAZING laid-back husband who is FULL of grace, which is such an amazing amazing blessing.

This is me. I am blessed.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

loved loved LOVED

I'm sitting at work, drinking my White Macademia Coffee and thinking about all the ways that I feel God showing me how much he loves me. Here's my list for today:

  • When Hey, Soul Sister by Train comes on the radio
  • Dappled sunlight
  • A warm, gorgeous day
  • Sunrises
  • ACU's campus in the morning when I'm walking home after my workout
  • When God gives me and Levi the desires of our heart when we NEVER thought they would happen, woot!
  • Walking the dogs in the evening
  • Free samples at grocery stores (not kidding, I LOVE them)
  • Starbuck's seasonal drinks, currently Pumpkin Spice Lattes!
  • Levi Gates
  • Sweet little Darla when she follows me around and isn't being annoying, I love cuddling with her
  • Puppies
  • Traveling

Happy Thursday!