Wednesday, January 25, 2012

He is good

"I shall feel rather nervous meeting a lion," said Susan.
"That you will, dearie, and make no mistake," said Mrs. Beaver, "if there is anyone who can appear before Aslan without their knees knocking they're either braver than most or just silly."
"Then He isn't safe?" said Lucy.
"Safe?" said Mr. Beaver; "Who said anything about safe?! Of Course He isn't safe. But He is good. He is the King I tell you."

(The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)
C.S. Lewis


Katie's Bookthe Journey

(This is an amazing blog written by a girl who moved to Africa at 18 to serve the poorest of the poor and has since then adopted 13 girls)

Francis Chan wrote, "How we live our days, is how we live our lives." I had to read it several times as I let it soak in. Because it is true. So often we find ourselves waiting for a specific moment, a specific call, something special. For what? How we spend our days... that will be our LIFE. Because today could be it. If Jesus came back today and said, "Let's go!" would we be ready? Would we be doing what we want to be doing when we meet Jesus? People say to me often, "You are so lucky that you found your calling, that you know your purpose in life." This statement boggles my mind. I AM so blessed to live the life that I do. But it isn't rocket science. God did NOT part the sky and shout out to me, "Katie! Serve my people." I read it in His word. You can too. We can all see as plain as day that Jesus says the number one commandment is to love the Lord and love your neighbor. I happened to move to Uganda and love those neighbors, but that is not the point. As believers, we should already KNOW our calling; it is to love the Lord and love our neighbors by caring for them in whatever broken state they are in. When He said that "the poor will always be among us" I don't think he meant that as an excuse not to worry about it but as a reminder that there is ALWAYS a neighbor, no matter where we are, in a worse condition than we are. I can only believe that God created us to make this world a little better. That he designed us in love to show that love to others. I just don't know what everyone is waiting for.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Today has been a gorgeous day and I have been soaking it in, loving every minute of it. God is so good and is whispering words of love to me today, despite my selfishness and despite my inability to always choose him. He is teaching me so many new things and opening my eyes to ways I need to act NOW, and be present now and serve him now. So, I'm looking for ways to do that now in my community.

A couple weeks ago I heard about someone prophesying, (someone that I know), that Jesus is coming back in the next couple years. My first reaction was to want to know more. What all did he say? What did he say is going to happen in our world until then? Then my next reaction was, I need to start living completely for him if I only have a couple years left! As time went on I thought the vision this person saw and described had parts that were a little strange, but regardless of the message I don't believe it would hurt to live like Jesus is coming back soon. Which leads me to today. God has been working on my heart and letting me see how I live for tomorrow, not for Christ, the hope of glory. Why would I want to live life completely for Him and devote my life completely to him only if he's coming back soon? It's something Levi and I have been thinking about a lot. We're thinking it's time to do some changes.

Here is some inspiration I found today. Hope y'all are having a WONDERFUL blessed day. He has entrusted us with much, and much is expected from us in return. Trying to live life for him.

"We bend.
I bend to sweep crumbs and I bend to wipe vomit and I bend to pick up little ones and wipe away tears. I bend over a big pot of stew and I bend to fold endless laundry and I bend over math books and spelling sentences and history quiz corrections. And at the end of these days I bend next to the bed and I ask only that I could bend more, bend lower.
Because I serve a Savior who came to be a servant. He lived bent low. And bent down here is where I see His face.
He lived, only to die.
Could I?
Die to self and just break open for love.
This Savior, His one purpose to spend Himself on behalf of messy us. Will I spend myself on behalf of those in front of me?
And people say, “Don’t you get tired?” and yes, I do. But I’m face to face with Jesus in the dirt, and the more I bend the harder and better and fuller this life gets. And sure, we are tired, but oh we are happy. Because bent down low is where we find fullness of Joy.

Praying for you as you bend today for whoever is in front of you. He will meet you there."

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Puerto Rico!

We're leaving for Puerto Rico so soon!!! It's supposed to be 80 degrees the whole time we're there and we CAN'T WAIT! Levi is really looking forward to going paddleboarding in the ocean together :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

I've been having a lovely work day and I've been doing a lot of thinking about new year's resolutions. So I've decided to compile some resolutions/goals for 2012. Woot!

-I'd like to learn to live without fear. of shame, or embarrassment, or of judgement. I want to live purely in the moment. I want to truly believe that God made me in his likeness and I am wholly and wonderfully made. I'd like to kick low self-esteem and worries of inadequacy right out the door, finally.
-On that note, I'd like to live with purpose. To intentionally treat people well every day and focus my life around the hope of Christ in me the hope of glory, not on the hope of tomorrow.
-Do a daily Bible/prayer time every day. It's too sporadic right now.
-Stop eating crap. Yep that means Rosa's unfortunately...UNLESS i decide to choose chicken soft tacos at Rosa's instead of my favorite Chips and Queso and bean burritos? But basically stop eating crap.
-Exercise every day even if it's not a lot. It makes me happy, but I forget this when I stop going.
-Drink lots of water.
-Have at least 2 friend dates a week. Don't go crazy with social time though or I won't see Levi enough.
-Hang out with my sister every week.

-Be more intentional with my time at Beltway and with our 4 year old's on Sundays. Focus on what a blessing it is and how much of an impact I can have, not how hungry I am and when lunch is. After hour 2 on Sundays I am SOO hungry.

-3 or 4 evening dates a month with Levi. Woohoo! They don't have to be fancy, just out of the house and fun. Like a picnic!
-Marriage Retreat? That would be neat.
-Build Levi up every day
-Flirt with Levi every day

I'm printing these out and sticking them under my computer screen like I did last year. It's fun to be able to check them off when I feel like I'm accomplishing something.