Thursday, September 13, 2012

loved loved LOVED

I'm sitting at work, drinking my White Macademia Coffee and thinking about all the ways that I feel God showing me how much he loves me. Here's my list for today:

  • When Hey, Soul Sister by Train comes on the radio
  • Dappled sunlight
  • A warm, gorgeous day
  • Sunrises
  • ACU's campus in the morning when I'm walking home after my workout
  • When God gives me and Levi the desires of our heart when we NEVER thought they would happen, woot!
  • Walking the dogs in the evening
  • Free samples at grocery stores (not kidding, I LOVE them)
  • Starbuck's seasonal drinks, currently Pumpkin Spice Lattes!
  • Levi Gates
  • Sweet little Darla when she follows me around and isn't being annoying, I love cuddling with her
  • Puppies
  • Traveling

Happy Thursday!

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