Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Stress happens automatically- not delight.

And so that’s my mission. For the month of November I’m on a ‘gift hunt’. Intentionally making the decision to live and love out of a cup that is brimming with rich, steaming ‘enough. Laura gave me a little album of recycled paper clips and I'm going back to recording things that I love throughout the day that make me feel God's love. I had a little journal like that all throughout highschool that I called my happy book...but I lost it. Try two!

It's going to be an amazing month. We are in the middle of planning for Austin, Asia, new houses, new phone plans, new jobs, new EVERYTHING! (mostly anyways). I LOOOVE change. love it so much! Can't wait!


  1. Christmas Christmas Christmas!!! WOOOW OOOWOO!!!

  2. And we're very very.... very very thankful for you.