Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Camping in Fredericksburg!!

Levi, my sister and her boyfriend Lark and I all went camping in Fredericksburg this past weeked! It was SO fun! We first drove in to Pedernales Falls and went swimming, then went and explored Fredericksburg and ate at Mamacitas, then went to the KOA camping sites and camped out! The next morning we went to Enchanted Rock and hiked around, then stopped at little towns on the way back to Abilene. It was the PERFECT weekend! We used a lot of our camping stuff that we got for our wedding and it's crazy how much we have! We are so blessed.

Also...I put up a picture of Lark in a waterfall which the 3 L's will find really funny because Levi keep encouraging Lark to climb into the waterfall...then we realized it was covered in MILLIONS of little leeches. Literally. So i stuck in a picture of the leeches too. It took him a while to get them all off!

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