Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday and Tyson

Happy Wednesday! Today has been an interesting and hard day. But somehow God managed to get my attention even though I am being extremely whiny and selfish today and He showed me that I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now. That the job is hard because he is trying to make me into the person he wants me to be. And yes, he is shutting all other options right now because this is where I'm supposed to be. And thank God I haven't given up yet.

"And this is what I learned: the hard does not minimize His goodness but allows us to experience His goodness in a whole new way."

Prayers for Levi today!! He is being SO BLESSED by friends and family referring him to different people they know in the medical sales device field and has some "interviews" today. Woohoo! I know he'll do great. We're excited to see where God moves us! So many options :)

On another note, Tyson has decided to be a social farter in our house. We had 10 guests in and out of our house this weekend and Monday and Tyson strategically did room-clearing farts ONLY when we had guests over. That dog is sneaky. We've tried switching his food up but Levi thinks it's only making them more toxic. SO...come visit us in Abilene!! :)

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