Thursday, March 31, 2011

Almost the weekend!

My friend Rachel Lightfoot texted me the other day with a picture of me and Levi in a bridal magazine! Evidently one of the photographers from our Rockwall photo shoot submitted our picture in a magazine. I like the picture too! I went on a hunt today at the bookstore in Abilene and found it. It's in the Brides of North Texas magazine, the Spring/Summer 2011 edition. Voila!! 

Levi is headed to Austin tonight to get his back/hip problems worked on by our family's deep massage therapist, Ken Moench.
I guess we can't claim him since other people use him too haha but we've been going to him for about 8 years now and know he can work miracles on people. It hurts REALLY bad, but it works. Hopefully he'll fix Levi! So I will be finding things to do for the next three days...normal weekend. Maybe it will be a pure Hendrick weekend :) MAYBE I can convince Lauren to come too!

Happy Thursday!

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